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Unlock Your Trading Potential with Bounce

Bounce is your trusted companion in the world of trading, designed to empower traders of all levels.

Discover a new era of informed and successful trading without the complexity and guesswork.

Simplified Technical Analysis

Bounce simplifies technical analysis for traders at all levels, replacing confusing charts and indicators with straightforward insights.

Automation and Efficiency

Boost precision & confidence with Bounce's automation. It handles strategy creation & market analysis for advanced trading.

Informed Decision-Making

Trade data, not emotions. Bounce provides real-time insights from fundamentals, sectors, analysts, and news for informed decisions.

Tailored Strategies

Customize trading strategies with Bounce to match your goals and risk tolerance, for a tailored and effective approach.

User-Friendly Interface

Intuitive interface, designed by traders for traders, is easy to navigate. Focus on what matters most.

SMS text alerts

Get real-time updates on strategy picks and price targets across messaging platforms, never miss trading opportunities.

Why us?

Bounce Trade reverse engineers the trading process to give you two ways to find stocks to trade

The Strategy Builder 🚀

Elevate your trading game with our no-code strategy builder! Perfect for traders of all levels, our lightning-fast backtesting engine and intuitive rule creation make it a breeze to tailor your trades exactly the way you want. Let's get trading!

Stock Strategy: Pick a single stock/company and create a strategy to uncover opportunities to trade it.

Market Funnel: Analyse the whole market and create a strategy to uncover consistent trade ideas.

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All your reseach in one place 🧪

Unlock your financial potential success with stock market research tools; they provide the knowledge and insights you need to make informed decisions, manage risk, and equip you with the confidence to thrive in the world of investing.

Real-time News feeds with sentiment analysis

Powerful Stock Screener

Detailed stock Fundamentals and Historical data

Stay up to date with the Stock Market Calendar

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We offer simple pricing plans to support you no matter what type of trader you are.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the common questions from our customers. For more
information please contact us.

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Which US exchanges are supported by Bounce Trade data?

New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, NYSE Arca, Cboe BZX US Equities Exchange and NYSE American. Data is provided by IEX Cloud.


What types of stocks can I research?

You can research any stock that is currently active on any of the exchanges we support.


Is Bounce Trade a financial advisor?

No, Bounce Trade was founded by two retail traders just like you. We found ourselves in between wanting to research stocks but not having enough time.


Will Bounce Trade tell me when I get new stock picks?

Yes, they will appear in your portfolio tagged as new, as well you can opt-in to SMS, Whatsapp, Telegram and email alerts.