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Did you know 90% of retail traders lose money?

Without a trading strategy, you are setting yourself up to fail in the stock market over the long term. Is there a better way?

Follow a Strategy

Receive picks from a proven strategy. Sent to you on any device so you don't miss the perfect entry.

Create a strategy

Generate your own unique strategy. Create your bot to screen the entire market or single stock.

Market Tools

Be a stock market expert with summarised market insights to make research quicker and easier.

Copy a proven strategy with one click 💸

Update the sliders to see how our trading strategies performed and how much money you could have made

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When investing, your capital is at risk and you may get back less than invested. Past performance doesn’t guarantee future results.

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Trading Playbook 🧾

With every stock pick, Bounce sends you a trade playbook with all the details you need to place the trade

1. Select your stock pick

When a strategy creates a stock pick, the playbook contains all the details you need to place the trade

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2. Review the playbook

Use the trading playbook for a snapshot of recent price movements and news

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3. Accept or reject the pick

Paper trade to test new ideas or trade directly with your broker of choice

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4. The exit alert

Bounce Trade monitors the market to let you know when to exit your trade. You will will get an alert (Email, SMS and Telegram) to let you know when your target or stop loss has been hit.

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Build your own trading strategies 🏗️

Set your own rules and criteria for stock picks so that you can uncover a trading edge




Create, Backtest, and Optimise your trading strategies using historical data and technical indicators.

You don't need any coding skills or experience to start, edit the entry criteria you want and see the results within minutes. Stay consistent and eliminate emotional decisions.

Stock Strategy

Stock pick a single stock and set rules to fine-tune perfect entry point

Market Strategy

Analyse the entire stock market to uncover new stocks to trade at the right time

Start building now

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More free tools from Bounce 🧪

Don't spend hours glued to a screen. Our tools and insights to give you a quick snapshot of the market.

Unlock trading success with our stock market research tools; they provide the knowledge and insights you need to make informed trading decisions, manage risk, and equip you with the confidence to thrive in the world of investing.

Real-time stock price and fundamental data

Unlimited access to market tools

Data collected from global stock exchanges

Powered by AI to give you the trading edge

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Don't just take our word for it. We are here to support traders of all levels.

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Helen R

Ipswich, UK

Unlike other complicated platforms, Bounce Trade is really user-friendly and easy to pick up.
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Sammy H

Nottingham, UK

Bounce Trade is hands down the most impressive tool I've seen in a while for everyday trading.
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Tony L

London, UK

Bounce Trade makes trading so easy and intuitive for anyone, regardless of their level of experience.
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Anna K

London, UK

It's a complete game-changer! After years trading, nothing compares to what Bounce Trade offers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the common questions from our customers. For more
information please contact us.

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Which US exchanges are supported by Bounce Trade data?

New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, NYSE Arca, Cboe BZX US Equities Exchange and NYSE American. Data is provided by IEX Cloud.


What types of stocks can I research?

You can research any stock that is currently active on any of the exchanges we support.


Is Bounce Trade a financial advisor?

No, Bounce Trade was founded by two retail traders just like you. We found ourselves in between wanting to research stocks but not having enough time.


Will Bounce Trade tell me when I get new stock picks?

Yes, they will appear in your portfolio tagged as new, as well you can opt-in to SMS, Whatsapp, Telegram and email alerts.