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Why us?

Bounce Trade reverse engineers the trading process to give you two ways to find stocks to trade

Traders typically use an A-B-C approach to trading

Already decide which stock to trade

Buy the stock

Calculate when to exit the trade using technical indicators

Bounce reverse engineers the process using AI and market data

Create a strategy powered by technical indicators and past market data

Back test with one click to see which strategy had the best win rate in the past

Apply it to the whole market to generate better trading opportunities automatically

Market wide opportunities:

Firstly discover the characteristics of winning trades and then create an automated funnel to feed you stocks that meet this criteria on a daily basis.

Specific stock opportunities:

Analyse past performance to discover what made it succeed and then create a strategy that identifies when this stock behaves this way again.

Get an alert to tell you when next to enter into a trade.

The Strategy Builder

Use Bounce to create market wide or specific stock trading opportunities.

Stock Strategy

Build a highly customised strategy focused on a single stock

Select your choosen stock with help from our stock market toolkit

Set technical indicators and fundamentals to detect stock patterns

Define your exit critera and backtest to benchmark your strategy

Market wide Strategy

Define a market funnel to automatically find stocks that fit your criteria

Filter the entire market by the type and size of company

Choose technical indicators for specific stock pattern detection

Define your exit critera and backtest to benchmark your strategy

React to real-time stock movements

Never miss the perfect timing on your trades again.
Bounce will send you a notifcation when:

New stock picks are generated from your active strategies

Picks hit your pre-defined target price

Picks fall below your set stoploss

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Stock picks

3 easy steps

Bounce helps you create a strategy and find a trading edge in less than 5 minutes


your strategy with no code using real market data


Using over 5 million datapoints with one click


your funnel and receive consistent stock picks

Choose Simple Pricing

We offer simple pricing plans to support you no matter what type of trader you are.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the common questions from our customers. For more
information please contact us.

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Which US exchanges are supported by Bounce Trade data?

New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, NYSE Arca, Cboe BZX US Equities Exchange and NYSE American. Data is provided by IEX Cloud.


What types of stocks can I research?

You can research any stock that is currently active on any of the exchanges we support.


Is Bounce Trade a financial advisor?

No, Bounce Trade was founded by two retail traders just like you. We found ourselves in between wanting to research stocks but not having enough time.


Will Bounce Trade tell me when I get new stock picks?

Yes, they will appear in your portfolio tagged as new, as well you can opt-in to text notifications.