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The Bounce Trade stock screener is a quick and powerful tool used by investors to research and analyse stocks, find the best stocks that meet their criteria, and make decisions about what stocks to buy and sell.

Our screener can be used to quickly sort through thousands of stocks, identify trends, and uncover stocks that may be good investments. The stock screener provides investors with a way to quickly analyse stocks by looking at a variety of criteria such as price, volume, market capitalization, and other financial metrics. With a stock screener, investors can quickly identify stocks that meet your criteria, such as stocks with strong financials, stocks that are trading at a discount, or stocks that are trading at a premium.

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Real-time market data using our free stock screener

  • Compare stocks and their performance against each other.
  • Save time and effort in finding potential investments that would otherwise be spent manually researching stocks
  • Quickly narrow down the list of stocks to those that meet their desired criteria.
  • Identify stocks that are undervalued or overvalued. By analysing data such as the stock’s price-to-earnings ratio, traders can more easily identify stocks that are potentially undervalued and therefore a good investment opportunity.

Overall, stock screeners are an invaluable tool for stock market traders.

How to use the Bounce stock screener:

  1. Save time by quickly identifying potential investments, and find stocks that are trending.
  2. Then use Bounce’s Strategy Wizard to create a trading strategy for that stock which will identify the best time to buy and sell that stock.

As such, stock screeners are an essential part of any stock market trader’s toolkit. In combination with Bounce’s Strategy Wizard it is a recipe for automated success.

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