Stock Market Dashboard

A single pane of glass for your entire trading performance

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The Bounce dashboard is a graphical user interface split into 2 main sections which give at-a-glance views of:

  • Market Insights: A comprehensive overview of data from different sources relevant to the US stock market
  • Your Strategies: Key performance indicators related to your own custom built trading strategies.
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Real-time market data and profile overview

Overall it is designed to provide a platform for traders to make better, more informed, data-driven decisions. As they’re dynamic, interactive, and show near real-time data, they help you get a more precise, in-the-moment understanding of what’s happening in the world around stocks and navigate rapid, sometimes difficult changes in the market.

Market Insights

The Dashboard takes data from different sources and aggregates it in an easy-to-digest form so non-technical traders can more easily read and interpret it.

With interactive elements, it helps anyone using the dashboard better understand certain points, explore areas of increased interest, and support more questioning to arrive at key insights or make key decisions.

This section is useful for monitoring, and analysing relevant data in key areas. Bounce takes raw data from many sources and clearly presents it in a way that’s highly tailored to the viewer’s needs—whether you’re a new or experienced trader.

Use the dashboard data visualisation to quickly measure things like:

  • Market sentiment, fear and volatility
  • Daily growth amongst 3 key markets
  • All market sectors and their daily growth
  • Trending topics in stock market conversations

Your Strategies

The Dashboard provides a summary of your strategies. Useful for monitoring and analysing performance and output.

Use this section to help understand challenges, opportunities, where to grow and make changes:

  • Strategy Wizard Quick Start - Build a strategy
  • The number of strategy funnels and current output (positions created)
  • Your top performing strategy by win %
  • Your current open positions
  • The stock picks generated by sector
  • A timeline of recent stock picks generated

It helps you understand: what happened, why it happened, what may happen, and what action you should take. It visualises data in a way so you can quickly and easily understand the story it tells or the insights it reveals.

Other Dashboard functions:

  • Click the : To reveal a quick on-boarding tutorial to help you navigate around the dashboard
  • Using the top Search bar: Search any stock listed in major US markets. Navigate to a dedicated stock page containing key stats and analysis.
  • Using the Side Menu: Navigate to other Bounce tools such as the quick Stock Screener, Watchlist, News and Market calendar
  • Click the Settings button: Update your personal details and preferences
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