Sentiment Analysis

Quickly see investors thoughts and reactions so you can take action ahead of the market

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Sentiment analysis is a powerful tool for stock market trading. It helps investors identify trends and make decisions based on the public’s collective opinion on a certain stock or market. By using sentiment analysis, traders can get an understanding of how a certain stock is being viewed by other investors and the public. This can be extremely useful in predicting future market trends and making informed decisions.

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Real-time new feed with sentiment analysis

Bounce’s proprietary sentiment analysis algorithm combines news aggregation with sentiment analysis. It looks at the opinion of the public on the stock market, including news, social media posts, and other sources of information. Our algorithm analyses an article and applies sentiment analysis tag to indicate whether that article is positive, negative or neutral.

Traders can then quickly use this data to make predictions about how the market perceives a particular stock.

By analysing public opinion on certain stocks, traders can get a better understanding of the stock's performance and make decisions based on this data. This can help traders reduce risk by avoiding stocks that are likely to suffer from negative sentiment and investing in stocks that are likely to perform well.

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