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A new approach to help you uncover trading opportunities

Build your own strategy for the stock market with no code for free.

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Bounce unlocks market knowledge without the noise

Our goal is to enable all retail traders to trade using data more effectively and stay ahead of the market.

Manage your trading

Manage psychology, risk and strategy.

Accurate Data

Data sourced direct from multiple exchanges.

Consistent Stock Picks

Create a quantified strategy no coding req.

Your Trading ToolKit

Dashboard displayed data for a
clear, accurate and concise view of market statistics.

Personalised Dashboard
Personalised Dashboard
Strategy Builder

Features you'll love

Next generation UI design with a full list of features enabled on any device

How do you currently find stocks to trade?

Hear it on a forum? Twitter? Youtube Experts? But what do you do next?

Due diligence:


Check Yahoo for fundamentals?

Trade strategy:

Entry and exit points?

Risk and exposure?


How do you monitor the stock? Reading candles? Price movement?

Using excel spreadsheets as a journal to track?

Success rate:

How long do you stay in the trade for? How do you decide when to cash out or cut your losses?

Why us?

Bounce reverse engineers the trading process to give you two ways to find stocks to trade:

For market wide opportunities:

Firstly discover the characteristics of winning trades and then create an automated funnel to feed you stocks that meet this criteria on a daily basis.

For specific stocks:

Analyse past performance to discover what made it succeed and then create a strategy that identifies when this stock behaves this way again.

Get an alert to tell you when next to enter into a trade.

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We offer three different pricing plans to support you
no matter what type of trader you are.


£0 / Month

  • Free for life
  • Data Dashboard
  • Strategy builder
  • Strategy Marketplace - Buyer profile
  • Watchlist and alerts
  • News aggregator
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£99 / Month

  • All Standard and Premium features
  • Focus on Growth Stage Trading
  • Advanced sector analysis
  • Advanced risk analysis
  • AI portfolio auto health check

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the common questions from our customers. For more
information please contact us.

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Which US exchanges are supported by Bounce data?

New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, NYSE Arca, Cboe BZX US Equities Exchange and NYSE American. Data is provided by IEX Cloud.


What types of stocks can I research?

You can research any stock that is currently active on any of the exchanges we support.


Is Bounce a financial advisor?

No, Bounce was founded by two retailer traders just like you. We found ourselves in between wanting to research stocks but not having enough time.


Will Bounce tell me when I get new stock picks?

Yes, they will appear in your portfolio tagged as new, as well you can opt-in to text notifications.

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